An Old New Year

  • January 1, 2012
A new year blows in. It is a time for reflections, for setting goals, for renewal of your inner strengths and resolves. I ought to be looking forward to the new year. I ought to be loathing the old year. I am not. 2011 was not all I wished it was. 2012 will surely come with it’s own share of joys and disappointments. As the calendar makes it’s arbitrary flip, I see both change and continuance ahead. Read More

Yeah, okay, I'm arrogant.

  • December 28, 2011
“I kinda figured that I’d just plant myself here for the next five to ten years and not have to change.” “I enjoy that you thought you could plan that.” This somewhat paraphrased and ill conceived (at least on my behalf) conversation is directly referring to my reluctance to change. Ah, to be set in my ways, to have all the answers predefined, to have preplanned all the possibilities in advance and to have enumerated the probabilities of each of them occurring. Read More